Friday, June 5, 2009

The Art of.

Was just talking with some mates today about the new Assassins Creed game, we all pre-ordered the first game and had a sort of unwritten rivalry to see who could complete it first, I didn't win, but that's another story.

Anyway, I decided to take out my Assassins Creed limited edition tin box, and was flippin' through the *tiny* graphic novel, with art by David Levy, at the time he was unknown to me as I wasn't into art at the time, but now, breaking down his images, it was a lot of fun!

In the same drawer I then decided to take out my 'Art of Grand Theft Auto' book that I got with GTA: IV when I pre-ordered it, and man, I was oblivious at the time, but the art is absolutely amazing and it's not necessarily just the 2D stuff, but the 3D visualizations of the entire cities is just awe aspiring.

Really inspired at the moment and would love to start some sketches to perhaps do a small graphic novel, could be cool, I thinks.

Until next time guys, take-care, and peace :)